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Monday, 25 Sep 2023


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ALEXANDROS_PERROS__THE_LONE_STARS_-_Cruisin_MeanAlexandros Perros and his Lone Stars, after 20 years, are still wild and active and their 9th record is definitely their best! Produced and mastered by Greece's number one, George Manios, this God-damned great record gives the stigma of the big thing. Blending different rockin' styles, from neo-rockabilly to 50's spirit, and from West Coast surf to Detroit punk makes a unique dynamic sound. And this is the reason why after all these years they're look so fresh and powerful. This record is an excellent item that every rock'n'roll listener must have.

TRACK LISTING: 1. 911, 2. I'm On Fire, 3. Midnight Shadows, 4. Cruisin' Mean, 5. Nothing Left To Lose, 6. Dancing With The Shadows, 7. Wild Streak, 8. Deja Vu, 9. I Still Want You, 10. Far Too Long..., 11. Ghost Train, 12. Under The Moonlight, 13. Flipside Stories, 14. The Girl With The Blue Dress, 15. This Great Adventure Of Love, 16. I Talk To Her

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