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Monday, 19 Nov 2018

DUSTBOWL - Troublebound & Lonesome, CD (OSR-020)

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DUSTBOWL_-_Troublebound_And_LonesomeAfter their highly acclaimed gigs in Athens and Thessaloniki, Dustbowl are presenting their debut album titled "Troublebound & Lonesome".

Dustbowl were formed in May 2006 intending to play a totally different genre than any other had ever been previously appeared in the Greek scene.

"Dust Bowl" were those whirlwinds and hurricanes of dust that infested the South-West States of America. A term that popped up in the tough 30's by the people that lived in those States and experienced the hard financial downturn. The "Big Black Train", a classic figure of the "dirty thirties", represents a trip, a good-bye, a continuous "come and go" from town to town, in search of a new homeland.

Mississippi...the Big Muddy, the fields and dust, the desert's atmosphere, the wanderer "Hobos", Woody Guthrie, the "haunted" traditional folk songs, "cult heroes" such as John Henry, the Gospel-like songs and lyrics of Reverend Gary Davis, the Hillbilly Country style of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, the Blues of Blind Willie McTell and Robert Johnson, the sound of Sun Records, rockabilly, Carl Perkins, Warren Smith, the modern Americana, the floating ghost of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, even the notorious Punk revolution, The Clash, Johnny Thunders, the films of Sam Peckinpah, Jack Kerouac's "On The Road", John Steinbeck's "Grapes Of Wrath", William Faulkner, Henry Miller, Jack London, Mark Twain, the furious rhythm of "big black train" rolling along the steel rails, its skirling whistle, that's the sound of Dustbowl... "The Freight Train Sound".

TRACK LISTING: 1. This Train (Is Bound For Glory), 2. Ramblin' Blues, 3. Honky Tonk Man, 4. Here Comes That Train, 5. Cold 44 Blues, 6. John Henry, 7. Hello Trouble, 8. Gospel Train (To Heaven), 9. Hey Porter, 10. Moonshine Jack, 11. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, 12. Troublebound

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